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if i had to pick one word for you it would be integrity. above all, you have thought me how to be. >> i have achieved my goal because of you. you thought me that when i fall i must get up. >> i miss you so much, dad. we will miss you so much. goodbye my love. >> she loved to win a game. she loved to solve a mystery. two fallen heros remembered not only as officers killed in the line of duty but as a
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mother, a father, a partner, a sister, and a friend. hello everyone i'm frank somerville. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. it has been a very somber day as a grieving community say goodbye to two santa cruz police officers fallen heros gunned down in the line of duty. after a funeral that lasted three hours, buglers played taps. the procession left san jose's hp pavilion and headed back to santa cruz. the procession has come from santa cruz to san jose passing under massive american trucks draped over two fire trucks. from santa cruz to san jose we have coverage. we begin with robert handa who
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was inside for the memorial where there were tears and some laughter as the community said goodbye robert. it was a very moving event that was held here inside the arena. i can tell you with the sadness of their loss it was an emotionally wrenching experience as well. >> 172, santa cruz. >> no response. >> with a final police dispatch call and no response from officers butch baker and elizabeth butler thousands of people said goodbye and thank you to the fallen police officers with a message that they would never be forgotten.
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santa cruz native who knew them as a security sang. >> we were just a couple of knuckle head guys and suddenly we began old. >> reporter: but laughter turned to tears as the officers children spoke. >> daddy, happy father's day and what a daddy you have been. >> keith would you like to say hi? >> hi. >> reporter: butler's husband spoke about the last promise he made to his wife. >> i promised her that our kids would grow up and be gentle and be giving. i promised that her sons would grow up to be up right, to be
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gentle, and to be loving. >> and the father and son walked out hand in hand as the caskets were taken out of the arena. it was a moving moment and also moving moments outside of the pavilion. to hear about that let's go to maureen naylor. >> reporter: officers gathered behind me for a fallen salute. after this emotional first of its kind memorial for officers killed on the line of duty. as taps played, thousands were lined up outside of the hp pavilion. >> i've never been to a service like this before. it was very moving and you know, something i will always remember. >> this was a fitting tribute to him. i felt good when i left here
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today. he would have been very happy with it. >> reporter: teams from san francisco and chicago among others. >> the fact that it's the first time in the history of santa cruz. it's very sad. that stands out the most. >> reporter: he watched as helicopter fly over in a missing man formation. earlier in the day a motorcade led a line of police vehicles. it took 10 charter buses to carry the friends and family members that wanted to attend. one man told us he spent time with butch baker talking about the officers coming up retirement and his love of cars. >> he was going to restore a car after he tired. and i thought about all the
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things he is not going to be able to do. >> reporter: we're going to talk about all the families who attended today and why they say their children had to be here. maureen naylor. police officers came from all over the bay area to pay tribute to those fallen police officers. we saw police from several departments. many traveled in conveys, motorcycles and patrol cars to hp pavilion in san jose. this is the badge from the officers from the city of stanislaus county. they were among the many represented in today's memorial. the badge you see there has a black band over it in honor of the fallen officers. >> people gathered to pay their respects. about 200 people gathered to salute the procession as it made its way to the hp pavilion. some people put up ribbons others brought the nation's
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flag. most everyone we spoke to said they just had to do something to honor the fallen officers. >> there has to be a lot of officers killed throughout the year and to see something like this makes you want to come out and be a part of it. >> i just wanted to show my support for their family and friends. by just coming to watch. >> reporter: during the service; the daughter of officer butch baker remembered her father and everything he taught her. >> every day i will carry the values, morals, ethics and lessons you instilled on me
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early on. so thank you daddy, and today celebrate yourself. there's so much to love. you see standing beside jillian is her brother adam. adam joined his father back in 2010 as a member of the police department. adam still serves as a community service officer. for those who couldn't make it to san jose the memorial was shown at the kaiser permanente arena. and mike mibach was there. >> reporter: the santa cruz family celebrated the life of two of its own. teary eyes filled with sadness. >> it cannot affect you. >> reporter: in this day it's the center piece of a canvas
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painted inside santa cruz arena. these are the locals, these are their thoughts. >> the need for us to come together and bereave and honor the sacrifices that the department makes, not just that day but every day. >> they were all taking care of us. >> reporter: holding tight the things they love, some sat alone, others in twos. but it didn't matter where they were, you see they came as one, santa cruz residents connected by the loss of two of their own. santa cruz city councilman don lane, great friend to sergeant butch baker. >> he knew a lot of people. you know they knew him, he was everywhere. >> reporter: dwayne stayed here to be with his community. >> this was a tragedy. real people, with real families, doing real work. >> the sacrifices that law enforcement make and their families make. and every time i see one of
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those cars go by and i see an officer it really brings that home. >> reporter: sergeant butch baker and officer elizabeth butler always remembered here in the city of santa cruz. mike mibach, channel 2 news. today in santa cruz and the hp pavilion there were a lot of tears but there were funny moments too. you see here poking fun at himself and even governor brown. >> governor, has anybody ever told you sir that you bare a striking resemblance to me? butch baker was the first person to point out the resemblance to him. we have a slide show from the
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procession, the badges of all the departments there and a performance by james durbin. it's all on right there on our home page. san francisco police are investigating a shooting that happened late this afternoon. they say it happened just before 4:00 at bryant and main street. according to san francisco police, a passenger in a car was shot. the driver took off looking for a hospital and then flagged down a parking control agent at mission and main. the shooting victim is a man in his 30s and was taken to san francisco general hospital we're told with life threatening injuries. police say the suspected shooter ran away. authorities are still on the scene and we should make you aware that nummi is being rerouted. an armed bank robbery in capitola the same day that a massive memorial service for two santa cruz police officers.
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we'll tell you why one police officer says it's no coincidence. >> scattered showers showing up out there right now. how long those showers last, how far they go and what it's going to be like this weekend. all those details coming up here in 10 minutes. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good.
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san francisco police are trying to fig figure out what caused a car to crash into a house. no injuries have been reported. the only ones at home when the truck slam into the side of the house there at 20th and eureka street -- no one was home when the truck slammed into the side of the house. people are calling it disrespectful while much of the capitola police department was at the memorial for two fallen officers, bank robbers made
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their move. >> reporter: police tonight are still looking for three armed suspects who fled in an suv southbound on 38th avenue. now detectives are still sorting out the details but at least one sergeant believes the criminals picked today for a specific reason. wiping tears and sharing hugs, employees at a capitola bank of the west shaken. the three masked men armed with guns robbed the bank just before noon. witnesses said they pushed and shoved people as they were getting away with the money. >> it just seems all the more crass to do it on today. >> reporter: as officers attended a memorial, these capitola cops worked the case still mourning their fellow officers. >> it's very difficult to put into words what it really feels like. it's very disrespectful. >> reporter: sergeant booth says they are operating with a smaller staff today but they were careful to keep enough officers to respond to the needs of the community. >> i think it was a plan.
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i think they took advantage of the law enforcement community trying to honor our fallen brother and sister. i think it's a little bit more than just a coincidence that they picked today. >> reporter: as you can see there are surveillance cameras inside the bank but so far the fbi and capitola police aren't releasing any of that video. the suspects are on the lose tonight with an undisclosed amount of money. lorraine blanco. according to investigators, burglars broke into the officers home last friday. before getting away with five guns, they poisoned the
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officers pet labradore retriever and a police canine dog. the police dog is still recovering. the fresno county corner says that the victim of yesterday's lion attack died. hanson was from the seattle area and was an intern at cat haven. hanson's brother says his sister had followed the passion to care for animals since a young age. she says she would have been devastated to know that the lion that attacked her was killed. facebook is changing its front page, mark zuckerberg announced this morning that the new home page will be released.
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michigan judge today delayed the decision on that state same-sex marriage band. the judge says he will wait for this year's case before ruling on whether michigan's ban is unconstitutional. he made the announcement during the case brought by a lesbian couple. they filed a lawsuit last year attacking a michigan law that prohibits them from jointly adopting the children because they are not married. in the public service announcement, the mayor's employer congress to pass laws that would require background checks, limit the sale of military style arms, and make gun trafficking a federal crime. >> no more families to console. >> no more neighborhoods in mourning. >> no more makeshift memorials. >> demand action. >> the bipartisan coalition
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mayors against illegal guns includes 45 mayors and grass roots supporters. voters overwhelmingly support background checks for all gun sales. ford is recalling mini vans to fix rust problems that could cause the third row seats to come lose. the recall affects 2004 to 2007 free fall and monterey mini van. they were sold in cold states where they use salt to melt ice. late this afternoon, a couple of umbrellas popped up around oakland. let's go to our chief meteorologist bill martin. it was light rain but this is what you call it. >> it's not going much for anybody. looks good on the radar. look at live storm tracker 2. you think oh boy that's a good
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looking system. but most of the strong level dynamics are staying offshore. what's happening is its spinning moisture up toward us. the dynamic are pretty light. there's moisture. i'm getting light rain in the peninsula. light rain in san jose and windsor i'm getting reports of light rain. we'll go up to the north bay. when you see it real light, a lot of times the radar picks this up and whatever is coming from the sky is either basic light drips or evaporating before it hits the ground. in this case i think we see a little bit of evaporation. out in the sunset district we're getting reports of light sprinkles and drizzle. maybe slowing you down a little bit. out toward emeryville. getting a little bit of sprinkle activity in the oakland area. then you head south bay and you get a little bit more. this deal in san jose looks like it has something to it. you probably have more these darker green areas by santa
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clara out there by sunnyvale you're seeing heavier, well moderate to heavy rain. these are the current temperatures 55 in santa rosa, 55 in nevato. as it does it just clears the area. and starts literally clears the area. we'll see more sunshine as we go into the evening hours and what that means you will see more clearing into the evening hours. that means it'll be a little cool tonight. we had some frost this morning. you can see low frost again tomorrow morning and some cool lows. we're going to take the computer model and track it. then we look at the bay area weekend because we have some significant changes coming into the bay area saturday and sunday. we think you'll be interested in. the ntsa revealed some interesting findings about a
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fire in a 787. the smoke from the fire was so thick firefighters actually couldn't even see the battery and had to use thermal imagining cameras to locate it and put out the fire. at the time the plane was sitting empty at boston's logan airport. but the overheated battery began burning six minutes after all the passengers had deplaned and only one minute after the crew had departed following an overseas flight. firing back the strong and disturbing threat made by north korea against the united states. >> he's the guy after a filibuster that lasted almost 12 hours, the cia finally gets a new leader.
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osama bin laden spokesperson who also happens to be his son-in-law has been captured and is now here in the united states. according to law enforcement officials, suloman wranth is being held in new york. he is expected to be before the court. he's described as the official spokesman of al-qaida since the 9/11 attacks. north korea's threat to launch a nuclear attack on the united states -- >> the united states is fully capable of defending against a dpr missile attack. further more we are continuing
5:26 pm
to upgrade our capabilities. >> according to north korean state television, they will conduct an attack to stop the upholds of the aggressors. the united states says north korea's vow of violence is an empty threat. >> dprk will achieve nothing but threats and provocation. >> the new u.n. sanctions are aimed at making it more difficult and obtain materials for its weapons programs. north korea claims it has nuclear bombs. the u.s. senate today confirmed john brennan as the new cia director. the vote was 63 to 34. brennan replaces the acting director who has been serving ever since the resignation of
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petraeus. i whispered to her that i would teach her about boys. >> a moving service for two fallen heros. we're going to have more of the emotional moments from today's funerals for two officers. thousands of residents lined the streets to remember detectives baker and butler. ♪ roundup
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honor two fallen officers all day. john sasaki shows us how baker and butler were remembered. >> reporter: the hp pavilion seemed like the saddest place on earth today. the families of the slain police officers along with thousands of law enforcement officers governor jerry brown and a heartbroken santa cruz community remembered and said goodbye to detective elizabeth butler and detective sergeant butch baker. >> remembering who they were will help us get through this together. >> reporter: who they were were parents as well as peace officers. sergeant butch baker had a wife and three children. >> you are the very reason there is good in my life. because early on you made sure that of that. >> reporter: detective butler had a 2-year-old and 4-year-old
5:31 pm
joaquin. but his partner shared what he said he promised her before she died. >> i whispered to her that i would teach her about boys and make sure they would always know what a great person their mom was. >> reporter: butler and baker were shot to death nine days ago as they attempted to interview an assault suspect jeremy gullei. they didn't know he had a long criminal history. leon panetta says people often look away instead of helping others. >> they were doing their job and they paid the ultimate price. >> reporter: baker served 37 years, coworkers described as a tenacity who made everybody laugh. >> putting a coworkers house up
5:32 pm
for sale with a local realtor while they were on vacation. and everybody who knew butch knows that they've been butched at least once don't you. santa cruz. >> reporter: butler served ten years, she was remembered as a tenacious advocate for victims and those down on their luck. >> she was a breath of fresh air. >> daddy, ilove you more than you will ever know. >> we will miss you so much. goodbye my love. >> reporter: rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. as we've been showing you, officers from all over the bay area, the state even from outside california all came to
5:33 pm
today's memorial to show their support. here you can see a representative from the vacaville police department. and officers from the montebello police department also made the trip to remember the two fallen officers. attorney general camella harris says law enforcement is not just a career. police work is not just a job. >> it takes a very special kind of person to get up every day, put on a badge and take on all the problems of a troubled world. >> speaking at today's funeral, sergeant baker and detective butler are two heros who represented the best of a most noble profession and calling. harris says she spoke on behalf of the people of california in thanking law enforcement officers and their families for their sacrifices. one of those who spoke today was a santa cruz county supervisor. >> this has been an extraordinarily trying times in our community. some of the darkest days we've
5:34 pm
ever faced. but through it all one thing has become clear that a community takes care of its own. we take care of our own like our police take care of us. we look out for each other, and we support each other, especially in times like these. >> in addition to his duties, his friend works for the santa cruz police department. there were some really powerful moments not only at the memorial but also in santa cruz today as the funeral procession drove past. john sasaki is in santa cruz and shows us what it was like there as the city was in mourning, john. >> reporter: frank there are signs like this all over santa cruz today. sending love to the fallen officers. today most of the city has been showing support for the heartbroken police force. thousands of people hit the streets of santa cruz for this
5:35 pm
morning's police procession. >> i think the community is quite shocked that something this horrible could happen here. >> reporter: as hundreds of vehicles drove past they stood in silence some tearing up, others saluting. one woman said her idealic city lost something beyond the officers. >> innocence, we've seen it happening over the years and it's sad. >> you know just feeling it all in my heart. my emotions they're coming out. we've done a lot of flowers for the police department and we want to show our support for our community. >> reporter: a downtown theater aired the emotional service. >> something to bring the community together it's a difficult time for everybody and i wanted to show my support. >> reporter: there were few dry eyes which continued as people left. >> i wanted to be here because this is my community and this is my home. >> we have to support the people who try to protect us
5:36 pm
and this is a show of support for them and for their families. , sorry. >> reporter: with all city police officers attending the memorial near by agencies stepped in to help. >> we have 35 officers from our department that went to the funeral and i was planning to go to that and when this opportunity came out to help out, i think that helped myself and my partners to be able to come up and do something for this city. >> reporter: both along the procession rout and inside, people told me they were just compelled to share the experience with others. live in santa cruz, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. we want to look now at the outpouring support at today's memorial service. it wasn't just police officers but firefighters who attended. represents from the fairfield fire department came to pay their respect. some people traveled from southern california here is a picture of the police batch from officers of the arroyo
5:37 pm
grande. and santa cruz sheriff deputies also attended. deputies are also wearing black bands over their badges. a symbolic ends of watch radio call was made and played at the end of today's service. >> sam 105 santa cruz. no response. scan 105 sergeant lauren butch baker ended his watch on tuesday february 26, 2013. 172 santa cruz. no response. 172 detective elizabeth butler ended her watch on tuesday february 26, 2013. though you are gone, your service to your community and the sacrifices you made will never be forgotten. may your courage and valor live on in the hearts of those who
5:38 pm
came to honor you tonight. santa cruz clear, kma233. the end of watch symbolizes the last call made to officers. our web team is putting together a slide show of the procession and the service honoring the two santa cruz police officers killed in the line of duty. you can also post your condolences on the ktvu channel 2 facebook page. the drone debate heats up. the white house is firing back on accusations that it can use unmanned aircraft to kill americans. >> and a nurse refuses to give cpr to a dying patient. we learn now whether she's going to face criminal charges.
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the newest way to enjoy subway every day! you're o♪ ♪meout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. the white house is disputing claims that it could use drones to target americans suspected of terrorism. the white house says president obama does not have the authority to use a drone to kill a u.s. citizen on american soil if the citizen is not engaged in combat. the administration says attorney general eric holder made the assertion in a letter to republican senator ran paul of kentucky. senator paul had held up the nomination because of the debate over drones. the last of the 150 cardinals who will vote on the
5:42 pm
new pope. the cardinals continue to gather for meetings ahead of their deliberations. thrárs no word on when they will begin -- there's no word on when they will begin the conclave. lorraine balis died at glenwood gardens. a nurse called 911 when bailiff collapsed in a dining room. refused the first responders pleas to begin cpr. santa rosa police pulled over for a vehicle code. when the vehicle searched the car he found mail stolen from
5:43 pm
several homes on candle hill drive. they also found drug paraphernalia inside and a window punched device usually used by thieves to break car windows. a lottery ticket worth $75,000 was purchased in the walnut creek. the drawing last night also turned up four other winning tickets with four numbers. so far no one has come forward to claim the $33 million prize. the winning numbers are one, two, three, 22, 34, and the mega number is eight. wall street was a winner today as all three mega indexes logged gains. the nasdaq gained almost 10 points and the s & p was up almost three points. we have breaking news to report out of san francisco, a wild police chase. it all began at 4:40. police were chasing a box truck
5:44 pm
and at times the truck was going the wrong way on city streets. we're showing you the scene. that is where several damaged cars are being left in the wake of this chase. at this point we've been able to count three cars damaged so far. we know police layed out spike strips but the truck got away. we do see however that the street is blocked off there with one police cruiser flashing with its lights on. the first picture that our news tracker 2 was able to show us is that the car was stopped on the side of the street. we're working our phones in the newsroom to try to get some answers. but santa cruz and potrero, that intersection is blocked off by police. new developments in the case of a pedestrian hit and killed by a bicyclist. what the defendant did in court
5:45 pm
just before a judge set the case for trial. live storm tracker 2, picking up some scattered showers. some areas are dry, some areas are wet. some areas are getting sprinkles. how long the rain is going to stick around and what the weekend will look like. you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪
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the bicyclists who ran into and killed the pedestrian in san francisco learned that he will be facing a vehicle manslaughter charge.
5:48 pm
david stevenson live be the reaction after the judge's decision. >> reporter: today the bicyclists in that case lost his bid to have the criminal charges dropped or reduced. 36-year-old christopher butieri cried softly in court today moments before he was called to stand up to listen to his charges. >> it's the result of bad behavior. >> reporter: wee died of his injuries four days after the accident. bukeri ignored stoplights and struck wee at 35 miles per hour. >> his self-less motivation, his need for speed and his behavior were completely horrible. >> reporter: the defense argued the cyclist did not run that
5:49 pm
final red light and that pedestrians including the victim entered the crosswalk prematurely. bukeri's attorney called him quote a good person and family man and sited his background as a cycling instructor as well as letters of support. the judge declined to reduce the charge to a misdemeanor. >> like any other case we will be open to a fair resolution. but i want to send a very clear message that we believe the conduct in this case was gross and very agrecious.
5:50 pm
>> reporter: david stevenson, ktvu. peter madona of pleasanton and michael renquit of liver mother were charged of anti trust violations. yahoo ceo marisa myer received a bonus for a first 5- 1/2 months receiving that contract. in the future, myer is eligible for an annual bonus of $52 million. yahoo stock has risen 42% since she took over. supporters say that the legislation proposed today would help expand
5:51 pm
prekindergarten. the idea here is popular with parents and businesses, but could be an uphill climb amidst washington budget crisis. >> we may have to start small. may be difficult to get -- i think it's important to build the program and over time test it. making sure we get the results we intend. >> data in the national institute for early education research says 19% of california 4-year-olds are enrolled in the state's prek program. new evidence suggests that mars has a history of flooding. the red planet was mostly thought to be dry and cold. now scientists have detected a maze of understood ground channels. the buried channels were not detected before because the region had been covered over by a lava flow. let's talk more about our weather now because it's turning into an evening commute. >> there's a little bit of
5:52 pm
rain. the live storm tracker -- if you're in the peninsula, we're see ago little heavier rain. we're getting light rain in the avenues and the sunset district. and again this green looks impressive but a lot of this isn't hiting the ground. this is pretty much high based clouds are moving over us the dynamics are pretty weak. with that said in redwood city you have spotty showers as well. you have spotty showers in san jose and milpitas. and as you look a little further south down toward morgan hill you have a little heavier activity. it's kind of light so far. when i load up the totals for you. i think we're going to be
5:53 pm
talking about .5 at best in places. it's going down the coast. this system will continue this pie duration south and that clears us out. or starts to clear us out and dries us out. thursday at 10: 10:00 tonight. you still get wrap around moisture. kind of what we're seeing outside right now. cloud cover in the early evening and in the late night you get into tomorrow morning and it clears out quickly and that low moves off and we start to dry out. tomorrow should be a dry day. again it's moist out there but this isn't adding up to anything at least from what i can tell right now. right now it looks like it's going to continue in this very light, lightly scattered stuff. put a glaze on the roadway for the afternoon commute. you may have slow traffic that's the way it's going to be. you will have glaze on the roadways for the next couple of hours. 61 in napa. so warmer tomorrow. your five day forecast sets up like this and you see that clearing on your friday. mild on saturday.
5:54 pm
then boom back into the 60s upper 60s and low 70s as we head into the bay area next week. so spring weather kind of returns after a brush with winter i guess. >> okay, we'll take it. thank you bill. looking for some answers a bay area congressman is putting pressure on the pentagon. what she wants them to do about sexual assault cases amongst servicemen. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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president obama today signed into law renewing the violence against women act. >> one of the great legacies of this law is that it didn't just change the rules. it changed our culture. it enpowered people to start speaking out. >> reporter: the original measure expired a year and a half ago. the new one extends domestic violence protection to same-sex couples. san mateo congresswoman spier is demanding answers tonight from service members. lieutenant colonel james wilkerson was convicted of sexual assault in november but then a commander officer overturned the juries decision
5:58 pm
and wilkerson was reinstated. >> it is more than common sense it's about fairness and equity. it will now reflect and parallel the civilian criminal court system. >> california senator barbara boxter is asking the defense department to review the law. -- the appeals court overturned a federal judge's previous ruling setting
5:59 pm
asidewalker's conviction and death sentence. the appeals court rejected the argument that the jury had been tainted because the defendant had been shackled. we'll take you -- new at 6:00, some workers at the golden gate bridge are getting pink slips. when it's going to happen and who's losing out.

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